NE50-868 problems with serial data

2 thoughts on “NE50-868 problems with serial data

  1. Hi

    im having some problems sending serial data from my cordinator to a client.

    All units are running GC.M0A.03.152 software

    My client have the default recipiant set to 0xFF 0xFF ( LSB first ) so its easy to sent to the master, just send it serial.


    But if i want to send data from my cordinator, and my default recipiant is set to 0xFFFF ( cordinator )  then the cordinator is just looping my message.

    If it change the default recipiant to my wantet clint adress my message arives.

    Since im a bit confuesd to what new and old serial protocol is im trying with both.

    but nothing works.


    My Client is 0x0C 0x00 ( LSB first )

    so im sending ” 0xAB 0x65 0x0C 0x00 test 0x0D 0xCD “( remove spaces ) into the cordinator but nothing ever comes out of the client. why?

    1. Hi,
      if Coordinator is default address, you cannot send data from Coord, since you send data to yourself.