NE50-868 Mesh connection problem

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  1. Hello,


    I have a problem with network and soon I need to find a solution. 


    I have 4 Telit NE50-868 kits and I’ve configured a Coordinator, a rooter (addr:00) and two end devices (addr: 01 and 02).


    I’ve connected the coordinator with computer and rooter is away from coordinator, end devices are far away standing.

    When I switch off the rooter, I cannot access to the other end devices.


    Comp — Coord —————– Rooter00 ——————- EndDevice01 — EndDevice02


    STEP 1: 

    Endpoints and Rooter are switched on and all association leds are up continuously – means all connected to the network.

    I’ve sent AT/V command to all of them one by one. Router and End device 01 are answering, but 02 did not answer anything, but led is always "1".


    STEP 2:

    I’ve changed places of 01 and 02 (phisically) and again they seem connected.

    I’ve sent  AT/V again to all, but this time 01 did not answer, 02 and rooter answered.

    Also got wrong data from the rooter like :  «n01GC.M0<SOH>.03.q74<CR>

    Correct one is :  «n01GC.M0A.03.174<CR>



    I’ve send AT/V to 0x00 0x00 address (like broadcast), no any answer. So I have a mistake about broadcast mode.

    I expected answers from all modules. What is wrong?



     I’ve switched off the rooter.

    Waited 10 minutes, the 01 and 02 seem still connected to the network (ASSO led = "1"). 

    I’ve sent AT/V to all, there is no any answer.



    * Where is the problem and why they act like this?

    * ASSO led is up but there is no any answer also I got wrong data.

    * ASSO led is "1" but it is not connected actually. How can I understand the connection status when I install a huge network in the work field.?

    * How to send data as broadcast? Document says;  0x00 0x00 device ID is for broadcast


    Not: I’ve used template configurations for all devices, low power mode off.


    Thanks in advance for your time.