NE50-868 commanding in automatic telemetry mode.

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  1. I found that an end point which is operated in low power mode (S340=2) with automatic telemetry enabled (S347=3) does no longer respond to any data and commands send from the coordinator. I tried with ping, Hayes commands digital output switching etc. all without any response from the end point.

    The belonging router is operated in low power mode children side (S340=1)

    All NE50-868 modulles in my network are running firmware version GC.MOA.03.167 

    Since I could not send Hayes commands any more, the only way to reset S347 in the end point was with the configuration wizard of te SR manager tool.

    After that the end point – still in low power mode but with automatic telemetry disabled – responded as expected.

    Is this a normal behaviour, or is there a possibility for bidirectional communication with an end point in automatic telemetry mode?

      1. Dear Cosmin,

        many thanks for your response, but your personal message refers to a new version of the SR tool suited for FW 3.16. Thanks to a previous query to the Telit support center I already use a suitable version of the SR tool.

        My problem is not at all with the tool but with the behaviour of the NE50-868 module.

        It would be helpful if you can reconsider my question concerning the funtionality of the automatic telelmetry sending and provide an appropriate reply.

        Many thanks in advance.



        1. Hi,
          is the correct behaviour,  setting ED in automatic telemetry frame
          sending (and in low power) module can send data to a specify ID when it
          wakes up with out any request…
          ED can only send data, not receive data.

  2. In my network application I want to operate a NE50-868 End Point in low power mode with wake up every 10 Minutes and occasional telemetry acquisition and setting of digital outputs at wake up. 

    For the network timing I have chosen a periode of 5 sec and periodic wake up S341=120.  Although it is stated in the mesh protocol user guide that periodic wake up can only be used if no information has to be sent to the device, I found that telemtry commands for input acquisition or output setting are processed if sent shortly before wake up.

    Does anybody know what exactly is the timing requirment to ensure processing of data sent to a low power end item, so that I can synchronize tlm commands e.g. with the network period?.