Mute received sound from remote GSM handset

5 thoughts on “Mute received sound from remote GSM handset

  1. I am missing something.

    My GL865-DUAL is in voice connection with usual GSM handset. I am using module’s speaker to play UDT (user defined tones). Speaker is enabled only during playing of UDTs and after that is immediatelly disabled. The problem is that if remote handset is in noisy environment, besides of UDTs, I can hear also remote noise. How to stop that? 

      1. "Noise" is all that is received by microphone including human voice. I need to temporarily (during UDT plsy) to switch off audio link.


        Cosmin, plese explain meaning of CAP nad OAP commands. 

        1. UDT coming on the same link as microphone path, I cannot see other way than muting the microphone at sender.


          There is a "Telit Audio Settings Application Note", do you know that? Also there are some information in "Software User Guide" and "Hardware User Guide"; GL865 has only one audio path.