MTBF for GE863

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      1. Are you talking about GE863 QUAD/PY modules or terminals based on these?

        I need both.


        We are using a 3rd party terminal based on the GE863 QUAD/PY module most of the time, but we also use the Telit GE863 terminal in some circumstances.




        1. Do Telit have the figures for MTBF?


          I have searched through all the Telit documentation. The only reference I found to MTBF was a reference to reduced MTBF if the module is used in the wrong way. 





          1. Dear Ian,


            we cannot provide general MTBF figures, since this value is influenced by several external events like the environment, the temperature, the total time the module is in TX.

            To calculate the MTBF we need to receive from you some more information:

            1- operative duty cycle, in which percentage the module is ON (transmitting something), OFF or in IDLE
            2- temperature duty cycle, in one year, for how many times the module will operate at -30°C, -10°C, +70°C(es: -10°C 20%, 0°C 40%, 20°C 40%)
            – internal environment
            – external enviroment not protected
            – description of the application (e.g. POS, Fleet management etc..)

            If we get these specific information we can offer a complete MTBF figure.

            Anyway MTBF cannot be provided without an NDA, this is our policy, so it is better if you contact us directly, sending an email to and CC to your distributor.

  1. Well that is the first time ive been asked to sign an NDA for a figure that should be part of the module specification!

    1. MTBF is not part of module specification for the reasons I wrote you about. This value is affected by several external parameters and the final use of the product.