Module initialization

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  1. Hi,

    we’ve designed a new board carrying a GE865-QUAD. We’re developing the microcontroller FW for controlling the module, only using a few features: just for sending/receiving SMS and emails, no voice, no IP,…. We downloaded:


    "Telit modules SW user guide"

    "Telit easy GPRS user guide"

    "Telit AT commands reference guide".


    Except some details on SMS, and a few examples with emails, they well explain how doing single specific jobs, but don’t provide any complete general purpose initialization sequence, including basic SIM management and connection to the cellular network (with proper operator). Unfortunately, we are not even able to make any test, as our prototype boards haven’t been assembled yet. 


    Where could we find generic module initialization examples and, eventually, detailed and complete AT command sequences for SMS/email management ?