Module DE910-DUAL (V) reboots constantly

2 thoughts on “Module DE910-DUAL (V) reboots constantly

  1. Hello,

    I have two modules DE910-DUAL (Verizon FW:15.00.026) with the same symptom. The modules have the signal ON_OFF tied to GND to automatically start when power is applied. When the modules are turn on, a second later the modems reboot and then reboots constantly, is not possible comunicate with them.

    Is possible corrupt the module with a cycles of power supply (removing the power supply) when this is registered and operates normally, to a level that is not possible comunicate with them and this reboots on start?.

    What can I check to determine whether the modems are operating or are unrecoverable?

    1. Hey Cristian, if the module never powers up completely check that VBATT comes up to the correct voltage within 30ms. If the module is periodicially resetting after a power up check the VBATT line to make sure the voltage does not dip and cause the module to reset.