Modem not giving CONNECT response while working in online mode

6 thoughts on “Modem not giving CONNECT response while working in online mode

  1. Hello,

    I am using GL-868 dual telit modem. I am using FTP as well as socket feature of modem in online & command mode.

    While working in online mode, it doesn’t give me “CONNECT” response. But when I go for command mode, it works fine…

    So, where m i going wrong??

    Any help will be appreciated…

      1. I have not changed this parameter setting, it is bydefault “AT&K=2”.

        The same software was running properly previously. But in new modem piece, it is giving me an error in online mode.

          1. Hiee Cosmin, Sorry for late reply.

            I tried with your given suggestions also, but no result. My device/application does’t require XON/OFF feature. The setting for AT&K0 was factory default. Then also i set the command as you suggested.

            I think the problem is with telit modem firmware. Because I have same telit modem GL868 of same LOT no. But the other modem is working perfectly in online mode, while other modem is not giving me “CONNECT” response. 

            So could you plz provide some option to update the firmware of Telit modem or any other solution to solve this issue???