Missing IMEI on HE910

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  1. We have received a
    new batch of HE910-G with Fw: 12.00.004.

    The modems we have used
    before had an older FW and we updated them our self. Now we have bought modems
    with the correct FW (..004).

    We cannot get them to
    work correctly as we did with the last batch.


    One main issue is that it
    looks like there is no IMEI programmed. When we type the read IMEI AT command
    we get the following:




    When we
    read IMEI with the same command from the last working batch we get the correct
    IMEI (as printed on the device).


    Do you have
    any idea what could be wrong?





    1. Hi Patrick.


      the p/n is HE910GPS203T001, this module was produced  on June 2013 with fw. 12.00.003.

      Are you really sure this is part of the new batch you received with 12.00.004 ?

      Is this specific module responding with AT+CGSN 000000000000000 ?

      1. I have been told it was FW 12.00.004 from a colleague who is working with this. 

        I believe he read the version via a command. The supplier also confirmed that it is .004.

        Im sorry but I cant really say if the response is AT+CGSN 000000000000000 or just  000000000000000.
        I got the information sent to me. I can check it on Monday. 
        Anyway, if the modules has a older version of FW they still should have an IMEI right? 
        1. Here is the printout from the board with the Telit HE910 module:
          #CGSN: 000000000000000
          #CGMR: 12.00.004
          #CGMI: Telit
          #CGMM: HE910-G
          On the supplier page (rutronik) it says  HE910GPS204T711 as partnumber. Is that not correct?
          Do you need to know anything else? 
          1. Hi Patrick,  for HE910GPS204T711 it is correct to have the IMEI not programmed. Infact this special p/n can be programmed by the customer with there own IMEI range, Rutronik should be aware of this.


            Standard part number is HE910GPS204T701


            Normally the IMEI indicated on the label of these modules starts with 0017xxxxxxxxxx

            I do not expect that HE910GPS204T711 has an IMEI printed like the one you indicated.


            Moreover 357164040912753 was produced on June 2013.

            Production of  HE910GPS204T711 didn’t start before August 2013.

          2. Ok,
            it looks like we got modules without any IMEI. This is clearly not what we
            wanted but how can we fix it.


            How can we program a IMEI and how do we get a IMEI number range for
            these modules?

  2. I just opened up a unit and discovered a
    different LOT number. The IMEI number a gave you before must have been wrong,
    please do not take notice of that. I must have been wrongly informed.


    SNR: 007164048502568

    LOT: 1214