ME910C1-NV not working on Band4(AWS1700)

8 thoughts on “ME910C1-NV not working on Band4(AWS1700)

  1. Hi,

    I was unable to connect the module ME910C1-NV on band 4, does anyone facing similar issue?



      1. In my R&S BTS simulatore the UE capablities never showing up other than band #13, even if i set my BTS operating band to 4 it doesnt work.

        see the attachment for details.

        Where as my other module(Gemalto ELS31) lists all the bands supported as sonn as i attach to network.



        1. Hi Krishna,

          Would you please change the value of “PUSCH Open Loop Nom.Power” and “PUSCH Closed Loop Target Power” to -20dBm?

          And then please try again.



          1. Hi Krishna,

            Can you try again after reset the CMW500?

            I’m not sure why your CMW500 display only Baand 13 due to ME910C1 in under degisn.

            Hi Changjun,

            Reset doenst hemp either….

            I have explicitly selected Band 13, as per specification this module should work on both Band 4 & 13, even explicitly selecting band 4 doesnt work.

            Basically band selection donest matter here, irrespective of band selected on BTS the UE should list all the bands it is capable to support.

            plz find the screenshot where i use Gemalto ELS31 module, it shupports both band 4 & 13 and it show the same in UE capablities.