ME70-169 unresponsive

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  1. Hello,

    we have been using 2 ME70-169 (1 Demo Case) for tests in the laboratory and they have been working fine.

    Last week we added a second Demo Case with another 2 ME70-169 to do tests with peer-2-peer connectivity, but have a new problem since then.

    At random times the devices seem to switch into a mode where they are unresponsive until powercycled. I have tested to connect to them on all allowed serial datarates, but they don’t react to the +++ command at all until they are powercycled.

    I flashed all four nodes to the same (current) firmware, the AT/V command shows the same output on all devices:



    I already tried to reset all four devices with an ATR command… they replied with OK and became unresponsive until powercycled (all four of them).


    Is there any way to get some debug output from the devices?


    1. Hi,

      my suggestion, is program again the modules.

      The best solution will be send ATR before flashing (when module can receive the at command), after it flashing again the modules with the Sw you named.

      If this process does not help, please contact your distributor in order to swap modules.


      Let me know please