MDM Socket Listen and Serial Communication

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  1. Greetings,


      I have a question regarding the behaviour of the Socket Listen command while

    called from the MDM interface.

    I have an App script running on a GC864V2 that listens to any incoming TCP connection once the connection is established I would like to make all the data received by the socket available thru the serial port (ASC0) and viceversa. 

        Is the data received thru the socket made available thru ASC0? or should I established a Link between SER module and MDM module??


    Also there is a detail regarding the flow control, on the serial interface I need to program

    the flow control to be AT#RS485, for half duplex communication, could I do this on the SER module?


    Best Regards,


    Haroldo Calvo 







    1. You need to maintain a bridge between MDM and SER in your code, there is no automatic solution. Keep a loop reading from MDM sending to SER and viceversa.

      SER module does not support any flow control method, you must put in place your own if required.


      1. Hi Cosmin,


          Thanks for the support, regarding the flow control issue, a GPIO set instruction would

        cause a considerable delay  in script execution?


        Best Regards,


        Haroldo Calvo 

        1. No it shouldn’t but how considerable is this considerable delay?

          You can try also GPIO AT commands but these are slower than the GPIO builtin module (as per Telit Easy Script in Python).

          1. Hi Cosmin,


              While the delay is below 100ms things should be all right , we just tried the bridge

            and it works ok, but I haven´t check out with the oscilloscope the current delay between

            sending and receiving thru SER.


            Thanks for the support,


            Best Regards


            Haroldo Calvo