MDM and hardware flow control

4 thoughts on “MDM and hardware flow control

  1. In module MDM there are functions for hardware flow control (getDCD(), setRTS() …). I know, what hardware flow control is, but I do not know what are these functions intended for in module MDM. Is there any chance to loss some data, if I do not use these functions? Are these functions mandatory for some types of modules and for some not? Is there any documentation, how to use theese functions for internal communication with AT parser in python scripts?

    1. You can set hardware flow control on MDM (recommended) and leave the signals be handled by the module; if you need special flow control you can use them to switch as required.

      1. Thank you for answer. I am still little confused, is it necessary to set flow control on MDM (and if yes, how), or it is enabled by default? It seems, that I do not need to setup anything about flow control in python scripts, until I do not want to use some special flow control. Is it right?
        1. Check AT&K command, this is the one to be used on the intended MDM interface. It’s default is AT&K3 hardware bi-directional flow control.