5 thoughts on “MD5

  1. How do i calculate the below on my GM862 module (Python). 


    result = MD5(‘test’)

    result = 098f6bcd4621d373cade4e832627b4f6



    would this work ?


    m = new()




    what outcome should i expect ?

  2. import md5"test").digest()



    what’s difference here….


    everywhere else i calculate MD5("test"), i get this:



    i suppose the last one is hexadecimal, is the one from telit binary ?


    can i convert it somehow ?




    1. import md5

      s ="test").digest()
      a = ”
      for x in s:
          a = a + hex(ord(x))
      print a

      with the same output on PC and module, same as yours: