Max Read & Write Cycles

3 thoughts on “Max Read & Write Cycles

  1. Hi

    As a general rule of thumb. What is the max write cycles to the GE910-GNSS memory?


    1. Hi Henro,

      flash manufacturer declare 100K cycles; of course file system management is used to spread the writing on memoty in order to avoid writing always on  the same location, but form here it is not easy to know how many time you can write more than the 100K in a safe way.

      If you have some specific requirement on your project it should be a better idea to contact us trough support mail to details it

      1. Hi Luca

        Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense. I will consider it going forward. I use the NVM memory to store the last data record, in case the power goes down before successful transmission. The device has no other memory other than the NVM for data storage which is not ideal. I will rectify this going forward.