Local firmware upgrade using ASC1

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  1. Hi there,

    we are developing an embedded application based on Telit GC864-QUAD V2.

    The Hardware User Guide r1, page 81, reports that it is possible to upgrade the firmware locally and the signal on pin 47 called SERVICE enable this feature.

    It would be nice to understand how this feature works because, due to some hardware limitations on our microcontroller, I would like to share the pin SERVICE with another function.

    I tried to get additional information on Telit website but without success, it seems I need to login to access the Download Zone but I can’t find any options to sign in.



    1. Hi Cesare, what is not understandable in the provided description?


      Service pin shall be used to upgrade the module
      from ASC1 (RX_TRACE, TX_TRACE). The pin
      shall be tied low to enable the feature only in
      case of a SW Update activity. It is required, for
      debug purpose, to be connected
      to a test pad on the final application.


      So use it if you want to use  ASC1 instead of ASC0 for firmware update. There is no other use for service pin.

      1. Hi, thank you for your reply.


        For some devices, to enter in special modes such as the firmware upgrade, this kind of signal needs some special timing to be respected.


        Probably I will control the SERVICE signal through a slow I2C expander and I was worrying if there were any specific strict timings which I might not respect because the expander is already controlling other higher priority signals.


        From your answer I understand now that is a signal working as a simple enable.







        1. Yes is a simple enabler, and because the firmware update is started only at module start no sensible timings are involved, just a check to see if signal is low or high.