LE920 Range of some parameters

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  1. Hello,

    I typed that sequence of commands and received these results:





    #MONI: MegaFon RUS BSIC:64 RxQual:-1 LAC:0C83 Id: 2C2 ARFCN:613 PWR:-63 TA:-1


    So, What are the ranges for TA and RxQual parameters?

    In the 3GPP TS 45.008 version 11.5.0 section 8.2.4 I see:
    RxQual can take any value between 0 to 7 inclusively.
    Where RxQual==-1 came from? And what does it mean?

    Similarly to, In the 3GPP TS 05.10 version 8.12.0 section 5.8 I see:
    Timing advance is always greater than or equal to zero.

    How should I interpret received results?

      1. Did you see the RxQual =-1 when SIM was inserted? We see this kind of indication only when SIM is not inserted.

        Regarding the TA. This value is updated only during a call. In idle the value back to default which is -1.

    1. I have another similar question.

      How can BSIC be equal 64? According to 3GPP TS 03.03 version 7.8.0 Release 1998, section 4.3.2, its a 6-bit value(0-63). Furthermore, I see in my logs that BSIC can be equal 71!

      1. Indeed there are 6 bits but grouped in 2 groups of 3, each can vary from 0 to 7, anything from 00 to 77 being possible.


        The BSIC is a two-digit code wherein the first digit is indicates NCC (Network Color Code) and the second digit indicates BCC (Base Station Color Code).

        The NCC and BCC have values ranging from 0 to 7, where the NCC is fixed for an operator, signifying at any given point
        there can be maximum of 8 operators in an area. The BCC defines the
        cluster number which means a group of 8 clusters carry unique identity
        which is re-used for another group of 8 clusters and so on.