LE920: How to start WWAN connection with AT commands?

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  1. There are at least two configuration interfaces and two communication interfaces available in LE920 when using Linux:

    – config interface for AT commands (usb serial Option driver)
    – config interface QMI (cdc_wdm interface)
    – communication interface PPP (usb serial Option driver)
    – communication interface WWAN (qmi_wwan driver)

    Is it possible to use the config and communication interfaces in any combination?

    – I want to use AT commands to configure and check the modem. This is preferred because this is quite compatible with other modems not able to speak QMI.
    – For communication I want to use the WWAN interface because it performs way better than a PPP interface. This is quite important on embedded devices.

    Until now I did not achive to get a working IP connection over the WWAN network interface, because the modem never answers DHCP requests, regardless wheater I use AT commands like AT+CGACT oder ATD or if i use the qmicli from libqmi.

        1. Uuups, somehow I mangaged to send an empty reply. Again:

          I use kernel 3.13.7 with manually modified product ID in option.c and qmi_wwan.c. The blacklisting bits in option driver is also modified to bits 2 and 3.


          I set the APN with AT+CGDCONT. I can activate the PDP context with AT+CGACT and get retrive the given IP address with AT+CGPADDR. In another attempt I can successfully dial ATD*99***1#. In no case it is possible to get the modem to answer DHCP requests on the WWAN net interface.


          The question is: Is there any other AT command that enables the DHCP server within the module. Or is not possible to use the WWAN net interface at all when the PDP context has been enabled from within the AT command interface. In other words: If I want to use the WWAN net interface am I forced to enable it through the /dev/cdc_wdm0 interface with QMI commands?