LE910 Startup Times

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  1. Hi

    Hope you can help us out with a problem wer are having. We are using the LE910 module in our application (Mostly using LE910-EUG) and are trying to minimise the time from power-on to getting:

    a) Working LTE data connection

    b) GPS fix

    We notice that it takes ~ 20s after the Telit power domain is enabled for the Telit module to establish a USB connection to our main CPU.

    If we have to wait 20s for the device to provide USB connectivity before we can instruct it to connect to the network + start the GPS fix then we will have in the best case scenario 50-60s of non-connectivity, possibly much more. This is considered unacceptable by the client.

    So our questions are:

    a) Is 20s normal start-up time for the module, can it be improved? 

    b) Is there a way to speed up the initiation of the LTE/GPS data connection/aquisition?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Kind Regards,


  2. I apologize for the late reply.

    Since the module is linux based, and the OS is booting, there is no way to shorten the readiness time while using the USB.

    When the GPS is in “HOT” state, you will get the fix as soon as the module ready but in order to achieve this, you will need to use the UART and not wait for the USB enumeration.