LE910 Network Power measurements’ accuracy

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  1. When I’m getting the RSCP & Ec/Io in UMTS and RSCP & RSRQ in LTE, what is the measurement accuracy of the module?

    1. Roberta G. wrote:


      module is calibrated using an instrument that is ±0.5dB qualified. This instrument generates a reference signal (CW with offset 67KHz 2G, 960kHz 3G/4G) for each technology implemented on the module and for several channels across each band. The module is informed of the level of this reference signal, thus compensations are calculated and stored on the NVM; from then on every received signal is measured referring to that calibration signal.

      This precision is valid only for controlled conditions (CW signal, Voltage, temperature, 50 Ohm antenna,?), for non-controlled or extreme conditions compensation policies are implemented in order to fulfill the 3GPP limits.