LE910-NAG-ATT-INT and EVK Basebored

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  1. We currently have LE910-NAG-ATT-INT plugged into a EVK base board, but we are unable to turn on either of them (neither LED comes on).  We have tested the basebored with a GC868-QUAD eval board we have so we know it works. 


    We believe it is a configuration problem but we cannot find any documentation on the LE910 eval board anywhere.  Your help is much appreaciated. 

    1. HI Curtis,


      After pressing the ON/OFF button on the interface board, are you able to send AT Commands over UART or USB?  Does any USB ports enumerate at all?  If you can send AT commands, enter AT#GPIO=1,0,2 in order to tie the #GPIO1 to the STATUS LED on the interface board. 


      Also, could you please provide details on where you received your LE910-NAG from?

  2. Simply attaching a USB cable to the base board enumerates 4 serial ports. Applying power does power both boards and we confirmed voltages with a voltmeter.


    The syntax on AT#GPIO=1,0,2 is incorrect, it appears. It gave the error "Operation not supported". Looking up the GPIO command, it appears the third argument can only be 0 or 1.


     <pin> – GPIO pin number; supported range is 1 – 10.

    <mode> – output value; its meaning depends on <dir> setting:

    0 – no meaning if <dir>=0 – INPUT

    – output pin cleared to 0 (Low) if <dir>=1 – OUTPUT

    1 – no meaning if <dir>=0 – INPUT

    – output pin set to 1 (High) if <dir>=1 – OUTPUT

    2 – Reports the read value from the input pin if <dir>=0 – INPUT

    – Reports the read value from the input pin if <dir>=1 – OUTPUT

    <dir> – GPIO pin direction

    0 – pin direction is INPUT

    1 – pin direction is OUTPUT

    I seem to be able to issue AT commands, is there a reason the LED wouldn’t be on? We’ve confirmed and tested the LED isn’t burnt out. 


    We received it from Symmetry Electronics.