LE910-NA1 unable to connect using Telit TCM

2 thoughts on “LE910-NA1 unable to connect using Telit TCM

  1. We are trying to use the Telit Connection Manager (TCM.exe) to test out the new modem module (LE910-NA1). However, it’s not able to identify the Telit Mobile com port and thus can’t going online. We were able to use the TCM successfully with LE910-NAG.

    The TCM version is 1.4.6 and the driver version is 1.03.0009 as shown in the attached screen capture.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hey Stephen, Telit Connection Manager does not currently work with the LE910 Cat1 and V2 series modules. There should be an update to TCM that adds support for these modules coming soon though.