LE910-NA1 mic not working with MAX9867 using DVI

2 thoughts on “LE910-NA1 mic not working with MAX9867 using DVI

  1. I am using the EVK2 with the LE910-NA1 interface and the MAX9867EVKit.  After reading the DVI App note and finding out that the #DVICFG command does exist for the LE910-NA1, I found the post ?Voice record/playback on EVK2 w/HE910?? which describes how to connect the two eval boards together.  I followed the post and was able to get the two boards to talk and the speaker to work when a call is made.


    I still cannot get a microphone to work. I set the MAX9867 registers to the following

    00 10 90 00 10 0A 33 00 00 33 0C 0C 09 09 24 24 40 00 60.

    as described in the post and the LE910-NA1 DVI has been sent the following commands



    I have even increased the gain on the microphone, but still nothing.


    I checked out the signals with a scope and see the following

    LRCLK/DVI_WAO is 8kHz

    BCLK/DVI_CLK is 256kHz

    ADCOUT/DVI_RX ? about a 8kHz signal. Making noise in the mic does not affect the signal.

    DACIN/DVI_TX ? causes noise on the speaker


    Does anybody have any suggestion for getting the mic to work?

    Is the BCLK/DVI_CLK supposed to be 256kHz?