LE910 mini PCIe UART communication

3 thoughts on “LE910 mini PCIe UART communication

  1. I was using Telit LE910-EUG & LE910-NAG modules before in prototyping so later I thought to use the mini PCIe cards in our products but the problem that I found the mini PCIe has only the USB port, after some researches I found that there’s an IC footprint on the down right side of the card near the PCIe connector that seems to be a level shifter for the UART port, so is this correct and can you state the UART pins on the PCIe connector so I can attach this level shifter IC and use the mini PCIe card in my product instead of implementing a new daughter board for Telit modules?

      1. As the reply came late, we made a daughter board instead of using the PCI card!