LE910 MCU integration getting started

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  1. Hi community,

    We have been using the LE910 mini PCIe on a Beaglebone running Linux and wvdial. This device has been acting as a gateway for other connected devices – routing packets to/from our own server over cellular. Now we want to move this application over to our own PCB with a MCU and LE910. In this regard we have some initial questions to get starting on prototyping on this (we currently have a EVK2 dev kit with LE910):

    1) Our GW is basically a router, forwarding UDP segments from other devices. After glancing at the AT commands, I could only find transport-layer commands (i.e. creating UDP/TCP sockets). Looking at other use-cases and examples out there it seems this is not so common – most use the LE910 to create transport layer sessions using sockets. Is our use-case, i.e. transmitting either valid UDP segments or IP packets to the LE910 and have it forward onwards as an L2 or L3 device, feasible/appropriate? If so, any hints on where to start? Examples, AT cmds, etc?

    1.1) Are there any C/C++ software libraries with a use-case similar to ours? I found one with the common use-case (treat LE910 as L4 device and use it to open sockets): https://www.cooking-hacks.com/documentation/tutorials/4g-gps-lte-wcdma-hspa-3g-gprs-shield-arduino-raspberry-pi-waspmote-tutorial/ 

    2) What hardware would you recommend to get prototyping fast? Our initial thought was to utilize an arduino, use arduino libraries to create sockets (i.e. mimic the L4 sessions), and transfer the packets to the LE910 on EVK2 over SPI, I2C or UART. Does this sound reasonable?

    3) Is it feasible to implement this application using i2c or spi towards the LE910? Again it seems most use-cases utilize UART.

    4) Our current application does stateful NAT64, i.e. translating from IPv6 to IPv4 before forwarding (and vice versa). Seeing that the LE910 is quite powerful and versatile, could this functinality be offloaded to the LE910?

    Any answers appreciated,

    Andreas U.

    1. Hi Andreas,

      there are answers to all your question but because there are involved new technologies that are implemented we cannot elaborate here. Please email ts-emea@telit.com to start a discussion. Thanks!