LE910 Data call setup: 3G vs 4G

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  1. Hello, we’re porting our 2G-3G application on new 4G product based on LE910.

    I’ve looked for an application note or previous thread about AT commands sequence to setup a data call to mobile network APN, but I didn’t found.

    Is this identical to 2G-3G one, starting from context definition and activation AT+CGDCONT ?

    If I don’t care to select 3G or 4G network (AT+WS46 command), does the module automatically switch to the best available to keep the connection always on?

    What does the second context AT+GDSCONT do?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. For internal TCP/IP stack, yes the procedure is the same. For PPP, from my colleague:

      On 4G, the differences are also operator related and technology related.
      For example, on Verizon products (LE910-SVxx ) in US, you can use only CID 3 for data connection (PPP included) and you can’t use any other CID.

      Maybe this customer can use CID 3 for PPP in all technologies (2G – 4G).
      In the majority of the cases, it should work.

      The default WS46 settings is

      25 3GPP Systems (GERAN and UTRAN and E-UTRAN)

      with automatic switching.