LE910 AT+WS46 command

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  1. I’m trying to set the LE910 to work only in 4G EUTRAN network.

    i’m using AT+WS46=28  set the EUTRAN only network.

    If I set this value I can see that the module switches on the 4G network because I get a +CREG: 1,”0000″,”xxxxxxxx”,7  (where 7=EUTRAN)

    But after a reboot the module cannot register on the network anymore.

    I need to send AT+WS46=31  (UTRAN + EUTRAN)

    And after, when correctly registered, send AT+WS=28 to force 4G network only.

    Is it the correct behaviour?

    There is some other command to set the 4G communication only?

    Thank you in advance.


      1. No, after reboot I didn’t set the APN.  Have I to do it?

        I can register the SIM on the network without using APN, I only check +CREG status (I set AT+CREG=2 to get automatic notifies of network registration)

        I’ve tried right now: after reboot I send



        But CREG is still in searching (0,2)



        1. Hi Cosmin

          I tried to send another AT#REBOOT with WS46=28

          After boot, now the SIM registration works fine automatically.

          +CREG: 2,1,”5944″,”DBBFF02″,7

          I think it is because the APN is valid, the last command AT+CDGCONT stored values in NVM.

          Thank you very much for your tip