LE910 AT+CFUN=0 – no wake up

2 thoughts on “LE910 AT+CFUN=0 – no wake up

  1. Hi,

    I’m trying to put LE910 in operative power saving mode using EVK2 board.

    I’ve found that AT+CFUN=0 puts the module in low power but it is not possible to wake up it again using RTS neither DTR signals.

    I tried to enable or disable RTS/CTS handshake (&K3 and &K0) but without changes.

    FW revision 17.00.523

    Note: we would upgrade our product, that mount a GL865 modem, and  I don’t have DTR signal wired to the module so I can’t use +CFUN=5 that works fine. (DTR OFF= low power, DTR ON= full functionality)

    Is there a new FW for the module that fix it?  (and some other issue like STATE LED that doesn’t work)

    Thank you

    Stefano Signori

    1. RTS has no effect for CFUN=0 on LE910 (AT command CFUN description in docs shows the difference), only DTR can be used with CFUN=5.