LE910 antenna diversity truth?

3 thoughts on “LE910 antenna diversity truth?

  1. Hi,

    In LE910 Hardware User Guide r6 under “6.8 Antenna Diversity Requirements” on page 48, it is
    noted, that antenna diversity may be disabled with “AT#RXDIV” command.

    In LE9x0 AT Commands Reference Guide R12 on page 299 it is noted that this command is 2G/3G only.

    In LE910 V2 Hardware User Guide r1, “AT#RXDIV” is not mentioned any more.

    So what is the truth about antenna diversity for LE910 modules?

    best regards,
    Gregor Bader

      1. Hi,

         LE910 AT#RXDIV should work in 3G and 4G in SW 057.

         Regarding LE910 HW User Guide we will update in the next release.