LE70-868 – RF level monitoring

6 thoughts on “LE70-868 – RF level monitoring

  1.   It would be nice to monitor the RF chanell before transmision to look how busy it is.

      Output as voltage thru analog pin, PWM or binary thru I/O pins.

       Can the LE70-868 in transparent mode do this?

       RX Led is only “carrier detect”, not hum pin.

       Hardware flow ( CTS/RTS) isn’t documented well in user guide,  maybe RTS gives the indication, at least when  LBT is on?



    1. Hi

      Module tests by itself if radio is busy or not, setting LBT mode with the appropriate level of sensitivity:

      So dependently by RF level, module stops or not the radio.

      1. Hi.

        I haven’t any doubts that LBT works properly.

        The RSSI works nice too.

        We want in transparent mode always monitor is RF chanell busy or not – maybe it’s better to switch to another one.

        Now is only one  dirty way to do this:

        1. Turn “ON” the LBT;

        2. Bang serial port with dummy byte;

        3. And look – is the dummy byte sent or don’t.

        Maybe are more clear methods to obtain more or less rough RF channel  field strenght meterings from the LE70-868 ?

  2. Hi,
    What is the minimum time requirement after a reset pulse on a LE70-868?
    500ms is not enought, 600ms seems to be OK.
    I didn’t find this minimum value in the datasheet.

    Best Regards,
    C. Brazeilles.