LE70-868 module network capability

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  1. Dear Sir,

    We have evaluated LE70-868 RF module for our smart city projects.  We will create a network for 250 devices using smart repeater mode.  We will broadcast data using master node to concern devices, once it’s got data, it will replay their corresponding data.

    My question is that –

    1. How many devices can connect in a LE70-868 network?
    2. What is the maximum hop in LE70-868 module?
    3. How many branches and sub branches can create?
    4. How to get maximum range using LE70-868 module (India).

    Thanks & Regard,

    Diwakar Rajput

    1. Hi

      network structures:


      all communications must thought via Coordinator

      max 16 main branch starting from Coord

      max 254 node for every main branch

      max 15 sub branch on each main branch

      only one node for every sub branch