LE70-868 g3 band Channelized Problem

One thought on “LE70-868 g3 band Channelized Problem

  1. Hi Sirs,

    I’m using LE70-868 modules for a project. I needed to change channels in g3 sub-band but there is a bug in the FW

    According to manual, maximum output power is +23dbm for channelized use and it can be set by ATS202=8. When I was testing, I set output power to +7dbm which can set by ATS202=20 command. After setting output power to +7dbm I couldn’t change channels through ATS200 register. 

    I thought maybe it is a firmware issue and upgraded firmware to 02.007 but didn’t help. Finally I used SR Manager Tool and sniff the serial communication then I saw channel setting after output power and after trying all the values with output power I understand that only values lower than 8 in ATS202 register is accepted for channelized mode. 

    I was planning to auto adjust output power after calculating RSSI. Luckily I was able to find the problem why I can’t change the channels for +7 and +10 dbm output powers. 

    I’m looking forward for new firmware with this fix.

    Best regards,