LE50, wake up from IO interrupt.

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  1. Hi,

        I’m developing a remote control system by using LE50-433. The remote should stay in sleep mode to save an energy from battery, then wake up when user pressed a button.

        It’s very easy if I use an external MCU to control the LE50 to wake up and/or sleep during operation but I just wonder, is it possible to use only LE50(no external MCU) and let it always sleep then wake up when rising(falling) edge of an interrupt pin and send any data.

         These are steps that what I want to do.

       1. supplied voltage to LE50

       2. LE50 gone in sleep mode 

       3. user pressed a key that tied to LE50’s IO

       4. LE50 wake up !,  then send data to somewhere.

       5. LE50 go to sleep mode again.

       Any suggestions are welcome.

     Thank you in advance.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hi,

      I already wrote to customer that LE module support I/O copy function, so they can put module in low power (following instruction on user guide), wake up the module, change the I/O status on module client and the new I/O logic level will be copy on  module server. The function is called I/O copy and it is described on user guide also.