LE50 Usage of S/N as client ID

2 thoughts on “LE50 Usage of S/N as client ID

  1. In order to simplify our logistics with LE50 based sensors for vaious applications, we intend to use part of the 11 character serial number as a unique client ID. The S/N usually is composed of 4 alphabetic characters followed by 7 numeric characters. It would be quite helpful if you could provide some information of the S/N structuring of the last 7 characters:

    – are these always figures?

    – to which extent is it a unique number?

    – why somtimes the first character is 0 or 5?

    The idea is that we use e.g. the last five figures or the first plus the last 4 figures as a client ID.  



    1. Hi,

      the serial number structure is:

      example: GCCK0004135ME50


      GC: it is the module type.

      C: it is the revision.

      K: it is the year of production

      00: it is the week

      04135: it is the progressive serial number