Latest NE70-868 firmwares

4 thoughts on “Latest NE70-868 firmwares

  1. We are using NE70-firmwares modules


    Where I can download lates firmware/software for them?  Our distributor doesn’t provide us with such info.



    1. Hi 

      please consider that NE70-868 modules have not been released officially. 

      I suppose you have marketing sample.

      So an official FW verision to send you do not exist yet.

      As soon as we will have NE70 module in Mass Production we will have official version also.

      1. Thank you for your quick reply.


        When these modules are planned to be in Mass production ?


        Is it the same for NE50-868 modules ?

        1. Please contact your distributor for this info, you should get a better localized answer.