latest firmware version for GL865-DUAL and GL865-QUAD?

8 thoughts on “latest firmware version for GL865-DUAL and GL865-QUAD?

  1. I noticed that telit documents mention firmware 10.01.xx0 but I’m told for these devices latest firmware is 10.0.157. Is this so?


     Is there anywhere that explains what is different with these releases? That is – if there are bug fixes, added features, etc?



      1. Is this Delta doc on the main telit site or is it in the download section and one has to log in to access it?


        How do I go about getting credentials for the downloads section? 





          1. Hello! I have an old hw design made in 2014, based on GL865-DUAL. The modules are with firmware 10.00.157. We would like to reuse this design, and put some new functionalities onboard.

            What might be the latest firmware available nowadays, for GL865-DUAL? Thanks.