last firmware version for tiny pro 868 modules.

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  1. Good morning, where Can I get updated firmware for our modules?

    We are using Tiny Pro 868 modules, mesh mode. The last firmware we have available is 3.12.

    On the other hand, when trying ti re-flash the modules, using tiny tools, we get the message

    error ATBL local device.

    We appply a logical 1 to the Prog pin of the module, the module stops comunicating at that time, so it should be in programming mode, isn´t it?

     What does this message means? what are we doing wrong?



  2. Hi,
    3.12 All in one, it is already latest FW version available.
    In any case, are you using demo kit? 
    In order to flash module you can use latest SRManager tool and than power off module, apply logic 1 to prog S pin, power on module and than run programming

    Please note that 3.12 is for module with 32 K memory, otherwise you can not flash module with 3.12 FW (but 3.10)
    In order to check if 16 or 32 K you have to give me S/N of the modules you have to flash.

    1. Good morning again.

      in order not to forget anything, I´ll travel point by point answering yiour questions.

      1. we are using tiny pro modules, not democase,

      2. the modules must be 32K because we have one of them flashed with the 3.12 version, and all of them were received at the same time….

      3. even working with the one programmed with the 3.12 version, we are unable to re-flash it, nor using tiny tools, neither SRManager (we have both of them so you don´t need to send them)

      4. the procedure to flash the module is.

         a. open the tiny tools (or srmanager), check the serial com values (19200/8/N/1/N) and connect the board to be programmed.

         b. apply a logical 1 to the prog. pin and switch on the board, an so the module.

         c. we check then the module is not comunicating, using the mesh manager (on another computer)

         d. run the programming application.

      using tiny tools teh answer is "error ATBL local device"

      Using the SR manager, the answer is to check the serial port parameters or checking if the module is in prog mode.

      just to be sure, is this the correct sequence?….

      thanks a lot.


      1. Procedure in order to reflash a Tiny Pro using RX and TX pins (and GND of course) with out telit interface:
        –       start the module
        –       use a basic terminal software to send ‘+++’ and wait for ‘OK<CR>’ reply. (Default config is 19200 8N1, if no response is coming back, try all serial speed from 1200 to 115200 until receiving OK).
        –       Still using the terminal send ‘ATBL<CR>’ and wait for ‘OK<CR>’ reply.
        –       Launch TinyTool utility and flash the module as if Prog Switch were ON.

        Note: <CR> is for Carriage Return, 0x0D character.

        1. Good morning Cosmin.

          Finally we could reflash the modules, unfortunatelly only two of them could load the 3.12 Firmware version.

          the SN of the modules are following.

          DVDI 3301338

          DVDI 3301809

          DVCH 5000132

          DVDI 3300316

          DVDI 3301751 (3.12 firmware)

          DVDI 3301745 (3.12 firmware)

          DVDI 3300645

          DVDI 3301957

          DVDI 3301195

          Could you confirm me if only these two modules accept the 3.12 firmware? when reflashing the others ther error was "10 flash error". so they remain in 3.10 version….

          on the other hand, and this is the important issue, we were updating to 3.12 because when using the network whe have experience several times communication failures..

          in our application, although it´s not a dinamic application, modules must be installed at a certain position, from time to time whe have notice that one of the modules, that has to change the parent which is communicating to, does not connect to another module… it does not run the auto repair function and remains connected to the older one, so when moving it out of range (but in range with another one) we lost it from the network… we have discovered that cleaning the children tables (from down to top) this is solved sometimes…

          do you have any information about this behaviour?… is expected?…. we expect the module to reconnect after losing the beacons indicated at register S304 (in our case, due to a 5000 mS network period, the module should try to connect to another module after 10 seconds)… but sometimes we have to wait several minutes (20, 30….) and sometimes we don´t even get the module communicating until we clean up the children tables….

          any advice?

          I don´t know if this is the normal way to communicate with telit technical service, but it would be really helpful for us get in direct contact with an expert in the M-one protocol and the tiny pro modules so we can discuss our problems so we can understand what are we doing wrong.

          Best regards.