Landline Phone Disconnect Status

3 thoughts on “Landline Phone Disconnect Status

  1. Hi

       In GL865 QUAD voice call,  ATD calling a mobile number,connected….  after that the call disconnected by the mobile gives me a NO CARRIER in AT terminal software and the call terminated in the module side.


    But, when i do the same for a Landline phone, i did not get a NO CARRIER or the call is not terminated.  


    What could be the reason ?


    How can we find weather the call is disconnected or the put off the receiver?

    I am also using the AT+CPAS . No use now.


    Thank you 


    1. So AT+CPAS is returning 4 also? What about AT+CLCC? What about AT#ECAM?


      If you wait longer for call termination?

      1. Hi

            I tried the CLCC , it gives he output call in active.

          ECAM gives ERROR.

        This problem still exists. 


          Now i have another problem, i am using DTMF  and also audio output via Loud speaker ,

        while in call, without presing DTMF keys  the DTMF decodings happens and switches my Relay.


        How to come out of this