Jupiter JN3 – sporadic problem

One thought on “Jupiter JN3 – sporadic problem

  1. Hello.


    I’m developing a Firmware for a vehicle tracking application using the Jupiter JN3 GPS module.


    The first version of this application is ready since a long time and a prototype is in the field for testing. The application works fine most of the time.


    However, once a month (more or less), according to the GPS module, the vehicle goes to the atlantic ocean for a ride, where in reality, it is parked somewhere in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Previously we used 3 satellites as a criterion of fix, but nowadays we are using a minimum of 6 satellites.



    We have been trying to figure out what’s happening for while. So, a few questions:


    1 – Has anyone reported a similar problem to the one we are having?


    2 – What is the correct criterion to know, for sure, that the position given by the module is correct?


    3 – A-GPS would help in this case?

    Thank you in advance.