JN3/SL869 Performance Data

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  1. Hello, two questions about GPS:

    1) JN3: Is the Fu relative to the frequency of 1Hz (1 PPS) or the satellite frequency (~ 1.5GHz)? JN3 Product Description page 20.

    2) What mean the contents 50%, 90% and 100% about SL869 Performance data? The worst case for SL869 with GPS would be 18nsec, that’s right? SL869 Product Description page 21.

    1. Hello Micael,

      Here you can find my comments:

      1) “Fu” refers to the satellite frequency.
      2) They refers to the SL869-T, not the SL869 standard. SL869-T is a Timing module, with a very precise PPS output, which must be used only for Timing Application, because it must work only in static position. In other words it can’t be used for navigation in dynamic application.
      In order to reply your question, the meaning of this table is that 100% of PPS pulse sample could have a maximum deviation of 18nsec. So as you said the worst “result” for a SL869-T PPS sample would be 18 nsec.

      Best Regards,

      Andrea Tovaglia
      Sr. Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering
      Telit Communications S.p.A.