JN3 Wake up from Hibernate Problem

2 thoughts on “JN3 Wake up from Hibernate Problem

  1. So as the title suggests I use the JN3 GPS module, and I send the command to switch it to Hibernate mode ( from the reference manual System Turn Off MID 117 and the message $PSRF117,16*0B<CR><LF>). The message is sent out, and I see that the NMEA strings stop coming through (which I hope is the orderly shut down it mentions).


    However when I try to restart the GPS module, using the  Navigation initialization message MID 101 with no start up initial values and perform a warm start, the system does not wake up from hibernate.


    Even tried the LLA Navigation Initialization message MID 104, and still no luck. 


    Any idea what could be going on here?


    GPS Module: JN3

    UART BAUD: 4800 (default)


    1. Hmmmm, so I read the Power modes App Note again, and saw something that could possibly be the answer. Hibernate default timeout period is 30 minutes, and in this state only the keep Alive portion of the Receiver is enabled, hence it won’t accept any of my commands.


      Which means I have to switch to OSP mode and change the Default Hibernate period, or just use the Mode to trickle Power, and switch the entire module off when it is necessary for the complete low power solution