JN3 OSP and NMEA Problem

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  1. Back again, with more problems, really not winning with this device.


    GSD4e_4.1.2-P2_1151815 F+ 12/15/2011 349-Dec 15 201117:50:4

    The above is one of the few OSP commands to actually work (query Version), the others are Switch to Power mode, and  Adjust message rate (Although there are about 4 messages that it NACKS and obviously will not turn off). 


    The ones that are important to me but DO NOT work are switch back to NMEA mode from OSP, Device Reset and Peform device initialisation like warm, hot, cold start without initialization parameters. Switch OSP baud rate.


    Now in NMEA mode, the messages that do work are Switch to hibernate mode (most useless mode of the device), and switch to OSP mode with specific Baud rat. Nothing else works here. 


    Any one else experiencing these issues with the device ? Or can any one offer any assistance. 



    JN3, 4800 Baud, above is the firmware queried. 

    1. Hi,

      I had identical issue with GSD4e_4.1.0-P1 – unresponsive device after switching back from OSP mode to NMEA mode. This was happening approx. 1 in 10 start ups.

      I updated the flash to GSD4e_4.1.2-P5 (as recommended by Telit Tech Support) and problem went away.

      Worth a go?

      Simon Rooney

      1. Hello Simon,


        in the firmware version 4.1.0-P1 there was a problem related to switch protocol and baudrate at the same time. This issue was a timing problem, and all further UART activity ceases.


        This problem was solved in the consecutive firmware version like 4.1.2 P5 for that you saw the problem go away.


        Best Regards