JN3 came nonfunctional from field

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  1. Hello,

    recently two units of the JN3 FLASH 9600 based modules came nonfunctional from field. Because we have an over protective voltage supply topology, we want to try to rewrite the firmware of the module. I didn’t find any documentation about that though. Does Telit provide a writter program (link Xfp for the modems) that I can use with the GPS?

    Our approach will be like: if we’re not able to rewrite the firmware, we will assume that it’s burnt inside. Would you have any other diagnostic tip to give?

    1. Hello Denis,


      Can you add more information about the module failure, please?


      In order to rewrite the firmware, the module must be set in boot mode, through the BOOT pin, as described in section 3 of the HW user guide (see attachment).

      Due to the fact we are going to share confidential material, please provide me your personal email address.


      Thanks for your collaboration.


      Best regards,

      Federica Cara

      Technical Support – EMEA Application Engineering
      Telit Communications S.p.A.

      1. Hello Federica,

        the JN3 is dead. It doesn’t send NMEA sentences upon turn on and neither responds to binary commands.

        My personal email is d3nisdantas@gmail.com. I already signed some NDA contracts regarding another subject with the GPS – you can talk to Andrea Tovaglia to verify that.

        Best Regards,