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  1. Hello all


    It appears that on 6th of June (notably 6th of 6th) there will be a major shift to IPv6 protocol in the Internet.


    Will this somehow affect the operation of GE865 or similar products?


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  2. Hi Cosmin

    I couldn’t find any mention of IPV6 in Telit datasheets or application notes.

    Pls give some more information about IPV6 in Telit modules such as GL865 and other. 

    1. You can read about IPV4 and IPV6 here and in many other places of course. There are transition methods, I don’t know what route Telit will take. But until IPV6 becomes more common, IPV6 devices will have more to worry about their interoperability with the infrastructure they have to deal with than IPV4 existing devices.

      A question better placed is to network operators which have to upgrade their whole equipment if not already did – but some can be quite relaxed if they have enough free IPV4 addresses to allocate and being in the need to refresh only the front doors.


      So there is enough time to accommodate IPV4 not only in Telit environment but in every other part of your Internet devices.



        1. You as end user and programmer will not notice the changes in any way, all the changes will happen under the hood. Obviously, commands that manipulates number IP addresses like AT#QDNS, AT#GPRS will return new formats.

          Remember EasyGPRS is even a higher level in the stack as the usual network programers’ C or Java calls, and even they will see little changes.


          1. Thanks Andrey,


            for joining the discussion. I was about to ask the same clarifications as you did 🙂 And thanks Cosmin for your elaborations. Looks promising. On 6th of June we will see…