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  1. Hi.

    In previous post we solved ftp problem with timeout for FTP client.

    I’m test connection with socket (own code) and work good. If open connection and need call or send SMS just send +++ and do what want ,after this I can go back to socket and follow on TCP connection.

    but I have question for setting for connection to GPRS.
    I use this setting only at once AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”,”″,0,0
    but this setting is stored in module.
    if change SIM card with different operator , and have different setting can I read this setting from SIM card or must manually set this parameter???

    PS: today I receive package with new prototype GL865-Dual. New module will support DTMF decode internally???

  2. You must find the correct APN settings and manually set with AT+CGDCONT; they are usually published on provider web pages or check with customer support.

    Check the applicability table, page 2 of AT Commands Reference Guide r10: 10.0x.xx4 is needed, will be available soon in Download Zone.