Initialization and (complete) practical examples

4 thoughts on “Initialization and (complete) practical examples

  1. Hi,


    where could we find generic module initialization
    examples for the GE865 (or similar) with a sequence of all common AT
    commands for: module initialization, SIM management, cellular network
    connection (with proper operator) and status detection… in the correct
    sequence ?


    The same question about detailed email handling (IN/OUT).


    “Modules SW user guide”, “easy GPRS user guide” and “AT Commands reference guide”
    well explain all commands details, with a few short examples, but don’t
    provide any “general purpose” initialization example for practical and
    correct usage.



    1. Telit Modules Software User Guide decsribes in detail the procedures to join for a basic functionality like checking the SIM, checking the registration, checking and selecting the network operators, initializing the SMS system and using it, making calls etc. I’m afraid there is no standard one for all recipe, nor the way to implement it. My opinion the SUG gives all needed pieces and a little integration effort will make any project work.

      1. Thank you very much.

        So, we’ll wait for our board prototypes and inmediatly try with the sequence of AT commands (we’ve seen most of them are already fine, by default):


        1. communication (baud, format, echo, RTS/CTS,….)

        2. band setting (auto)

        3. network operator (auto, for starting)

        4. SIM detection, entering PIN

        5. GSM selection (param = 12)

        6. connection status checking (RSSI, connected operator,…)


        If OK, we’ll then proceed with SMS and email sending/receiving management, that’s all we actually need (no voice, no IP,…).



        a. Do you think is the sequenca above sequence correct?

        b. What should we do with the "preferred operators list" on our SIM? Should we try to force one of the operators in that list? Is this a job that the GE865 already does in an autonomuos way?


        Thanks again


        1. Yes that looks fine. Email procedures need IP usage.

          The PLMN handling should be automatic, if the home network isn’t available one from the PLMN list will be selected.