IMSI catcher detect facility

4 thoughts on “IMSI catcher detect facility

  1. Hi, Telit community

    Could anyone suggest which technics Telit GL865-QUAD module provide to detect IMSI catcher equipment?

    AT commands? Any algorithms? Any ideas?

      1. Andrea, thank you for point to #IMCDEN AT command. We will implement it asap.

        Also we read that during some IMSI catcher scheme fake BTS disable encryption.

        Do you know, Is it possible to check this by read #ENCALG AT command and analize usedGSM/usedGPRS values?

        1. it is possible that IMSI catchers ask to use no call encryption A5/0 but this is not this is not true al the time.

          I think you can use a combination of AT#IMCDEN an AT#ENCALG to detect a possible IMSI catcher station