Implementing Preferred Roaming in HE910

2 thoughts on “Implementing Preferred Roaming in HE910

  1. I do not see any document explaining method to implement preferred roaming in HE910 documents list. So, I am putting this question here.

    I have a list of 500 networks (worldwide). I would want to feed this list to HE910 in some way and ensure HE910 completely takes care of network registration based on comparison with currently available networks and choose one that is also available in the preferred list that is provided by us.

    Could some one explain how to feed the preferred list of networks I have to HE910 ?
    and, any other commands to be executed to achieve this ?

    1. You could use Python to write a list of names in the module and develop a script  to manage this list in the way you wish. Obviously write a script to do this is your job.


      Here we can also add that it’s better don’t  use the module as a datalogger, because the flash memory  has a limited number of writings (also if it’s very high). so , if you need to write more data many times, better to have an external memory and maybe a micro