IMEI ???

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  1. Hi.

    I have question about IMEI.

    I rad specification of IMEI on web and question is :

    1.TAC (Type Approval Code) Telit use range number or use still same.

    2.FAC (Final Assembly Code) what is this code

    3. IMEI is still 15num digit or some time use 17num digit??

    I need this for security option in my application.



    1. Hi Sevc,

      the IMEI structure is defined by 3GPP TS 22.016 Technical Specification Group Services and System Aspects; International Mobile Equipment Identities (IMEI).

      The IMEI digit range is decimal.

                 TAC              Serial number    CD

           NN  XXXXXX           ZZZZZZ            A

      TAC + Serial Number is 14 digit 

      CD is 1 digit


        TAC – Type Allocation Code, formerly known as Type Approval Code

      o  NN – Reporting Body Identifier, e.g. BABT

      o  XXXXXX – Type Identifier defined by BABT. This limits production to one million GSM terminals per TAC.

        ZZZZZZ – Allocated by BABT but assigned to individual mobile stations by the manufacturer

        A – valid range  0.. 9 – check digit


      1. yes I know this.

        but from TAC :

        NN is still 35??

        and what actual Telit use XXXXXX (last 6digit TAC number).??? or my question is gibberish .

        I create application for register … …and more .. (in database) and question is must use full IMEI number or just some part . last digit is Checksum, and first two are BABT and …. .




        1. Untill we will use BABT as Reporting Body Identifier, 35 will be the first 2 digits (I do not see reason to change it). The second part of the TAC (XXXXXX) idetifies the product. This will be the same untill we do not produce one million modules (for that specific product). Then we will to ask BABAT a new TAC for other 1 million modules.
          hope it is a little bit more clear now