I’m ready?

5 thoughts on “I’m ready?

  1. Hi.

    Question is :

    What do I need to check that I had 100% certainty that I was able to made the call at the defined number.

    Check operator +COPS , signal +CSQ , network +CREG and what other??



    1. +CREG should be enough as a sole indication of a call possibility, however in the case of a need for a diagnostic you will need to go through more checks as you wrote, plus SIM status and PIN check, #MONI.

      Remember, for +CSQ:


      The quality is measured on the traffic channel, hence it is available only during a
      In conversation the quality decreases with the increase of the <ber> number.
      in Idle the reported value must not be considered.


      maybe #MONI is a better source for signal level before the call.


      1. In SIM status is check only if SIM is inserted or not but how can I check if can start read data from SIM (after power on) ???

        Is there any command  ?? After power on few sec is SIM card inaccessible, how can control it?


  2. Hmmm. ther is only one way using any AT command what work with sim and if return error then know so need wait.

    example: AT+CPBS="SM" 

    if return OK then SIM card is accessible  if error then need wait.